Health care costs and child support in Florida

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2018 | child support

Parents who divorce or separate in Florida and who are required to create child support agreements or orders must include provisions therein that address how costs and insurance related to the medical care of their children will be addressed. No child should be left without access to medical care simply because their parents choose to end their relationship; protection of a child’s medical insurance and access to care is imperative to preserve their best interests.

However, as most parents probably know not every cost associated with the medical care required for a child will be covered by insurance. In fact, a number of costs, such as insurance deductibles, prescription drugs, co-pays and other costs may add to the already heavy expense of providing a child with access to medical care.

These extra and sometimes uninsured medical costs must also be paid by the child’s parents. How that is done, though, can depend upon the jurisdiction in which the child lives and the agreement made by their parents. While some parents may agree to split all extraneous medical costs incurred by the child’s care, others may require one parent to cover those costs due to their more stable financial position.

For many Florida families health care costs include paying insurance bills and managing the minor costs associated with regular check-ups and occasional doctor visits for routine injuries and illnesses. However, these matters can become significant when accidents and emergencies require children to receive extensive medical care. It is to the advantage of parents to have these matters worked out in their initial child support agreements so that disputes regarding the payment of their children’s medical bills do not become problems.