What is virtual visitation?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | child custody

Not that long ago, the only ways that a person could communicate with someone in a remote location was either through letters or by telephone if the parties both had access to telecommunications devices. Now, Floridians can quickly contact friends, family members and work contacts all around the world with the touch of a finger on their smart devices. Technology has made this big world smaller and made it easier for individuals to share with others.

Not surprisingly, many industries and parts of society have found ways to incorporate the use of technology into their operations, including the courts. When it comes to family law, technology is beginning to play an interesting role in the field of child custody and visitation through the development of virtual visitation legislation.

Virtual visitation is a way that noncustodial parents and their kids can stay connected when they cannot be physically together. For example, if a parent had to move out of state in order to maintain their employment, they may not be able to carry on a traditional visitation relationship with their kid. Virtual visitation would give them scheduled and uninterrupted virtual time with their child and would connect the pair through visual and audio applications.

Virtual visitation is not intended to be a substitute for a parent actually spending physical time with their child. It does, however, enable parents and kids who are not otherwise able to be near each other to maintain the important relationships that can only exist between such close relations.

Like other forms of visitation, when virtual visitation is ordered by a court, a custodial parent must respect the noncustodial parent’s time with the child. Readers with interest in virtual visitation are encouraged to discuss it with their family law attorneys.