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February 2018 Archives

Cryptocurrency can complicate divorce

When a Florida resident opens a retirement account or places money in a savings account, it is relatively easy for them to check on its value. They may call up the institution where the account is held and inquire, or they may check a recent statement that they received regarding the account's status. The openness of access to a person's financial devices makes it easy for them to stay on top of their money and to understand their accounts' value in the event they have to divide them due to a divorce.

Does joint physical custody an even split between parents?

While once it may have been more common for one parent to receive physical custody of a child with the other parent receiving visitation time, today, it is often the case that a Florida court will allow both parents to share physical custody of their offspring. Shared or joint physical custody means that both of a child's parents have the right for their child to spend some of their timing living in the parents' homes. When the child is in the custody of a parent, that parent is responsible for the child's welfare.

Prepare your child custody plan for upcoming school breaks

While it is only February and some parents may be doing everything they can to stay ahead of their kids' practices, recitals, games and classes, others may be looking forward to the months of vacation that their children get at the end of the academic year. Summer break is often a fun time for Florida families, but those who must schedule their vacations and activities around the requirements of their child custody plans may be struggling to find ways to fit in all of the adventures that they want to experience.

Know the requirements for filing for divorce in Florida

Although divorces are emotional processes that require Florida residents to find new ways of living once their relationships are over, they are also highly technical legal processes that have many requirements that must be met in order to be completed. This post will look at just a few of the steps a person may have to take in order to file for divorce in the state but as always readers are reminded that this blog does not provide legal advice.

Rights and responsibilities after establishing paternity

Children are born with biological mothers and biological fathers, and while it is straightforward to determine the maternity of a child at the time of birth, paternity is not always as clear. Under the law, certain presumptions grant men paternal rights over children born to their spouses and committed others. However, if there is a question regarding whom a child's father might be, then the Florida courts may order paternity testing to take place.

What income is considered when a court sets child support?

Different parents may be liable to provide their children with different amounts of child support. This is because not all Florida parents earn the same levels of income or are responsible for the same types of financial obligations. To this end, when a family law court is evaluating how much money a parent should provide to their child in support, it will assess a number of different forms of income that the parent collects.