Know the requirements for filing for divorce in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018 | high asset divorce

Although divorces are emotional processes that require Florida residents to find new ways of living once their relationships are over, they are also highly technical legal processes that have many requirements that must be met in order to be completed. This post will look at just a few of the steps a person may have to take in order to file for divorce in the state but as always readers are reminded that this blog does not provide legal advice.

First, a person must be a resident of Florida in order to use the state’s courts for their divorce. Their period of residency in the state must have begun at least six months prior to when the person filed for divorce in order for it to qualify them. Residency in the state for fewer than six months requires a person to wait until they have reached the six month threshold.

Second, the parties to a Florida divorce must wait twenty days from the date of filing for divorce before that divorce may be finalized. This is because the courts want to make sure petitioners really want to divorce; in some cases individuals who file for divorce end up working out their differences with their spouses and keeping their marriages intact.

Finally, the person who chooses to file for divorce must be able to show that their marriage to their spouse is irretrievably broken. This form of divorce is known as a no-fault divorce and generally may be proven by demonstrating that there is no chance the parties will ever be able to reconcile their differences.

The preceding paragraphs discuss only some of the many technical steps that Floridians must meet to end their marriages. Consultation with family law attorneys can be critical to ensuring that the many requirements for obtaining a divorce are met.