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March 2018 Archives

Child's special needs should be factored into support award

Parents want their children to live fulfilling, successful lives. All across Florida, moms and dad work hard to make sure that their kids are doing their best in school, having fun in extracurricular activities, and receiving necessary medical care to protect their health.

Do parents have to pay for their children's college costs?

Florida parents are generally obligated to provide financial support for their children up until the point the children reach adulthood or achieve a life event such as marriage or military enlistment that demonstrates their independence. Before then, parents are tasked with providing their kids with shelter, food, clothing and many other necessities to ensure that their needs are met.

Courts can intervene when parents are split on religion for kids

Many Florida families count themselves as members of different religions. While some may regularly attend services to celebrate their faiths, others may explore religious teachings on their own. Some families recognize two religious backgrounds when the parents of the families are each of different faiths.

Are your finances ready for your pending divorce?

The decision to divorce is often an emotional one and grows out of a sense of dissatisfaction that the partners have with regard to their relationship. Once they decide to end their marriage, though, the process becomes a legal one, as it is up to a court of law to undo the legal bond that the partners to the couple created when they married. But even though a divorce is a legal process, many of the important matters that must be settled between the individuals surround one particular topic: money.

Grandparent visitation rights in Florida

While a divorce severs the legal relationship between two people, it also cuts the ties that bind members of the parties' extended families. For example, a child whose parents go through a divorce may find themselves separated from one side of their family if they are put in the sole physical custody of one parent. When situations such as this occur, it can be very difficult for aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents to retain their relationships with their loved ones affected by divorce.

Gray divorces leave many women economically vulnerable

Sociologists at Bowling Green State University published an article in Research on Aging, a journal. Using data from a research study in 2010, Health and Retirement Study (HRS), they examined disparate spectrum of marital biographies. The researchers focused on a trio of indicators for economic well-being: