Child’s special needs should be factored into support award

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | child support

Parents want their children to live fulfilling, successful lives. All across Florida, moms and dad work hard to make sure that their kids are doing their best in school, having fun in extracurricular activities, and receiving necessary medical care to protect their health.

When a child’s parents divorce and work out custody and support matters, they often strive to achieve the same quality of life for their child that the child experienced before the parents’ parting.

However, when a child of divorce struggles with special needs, their parents may have to work even harder to make sure that their necessities are fulfilled.

For example, a child with learning disabilities may need to attend special classes or tutoring to ensure they do not fall behind in school; parents must work out plans that ensure the tutors can still be paid through their support agreements and that the child will still attend through custodial negotiations.

Children who suffer from medical conditions that require ongoing medical care can face challenges when their parents go through divorces. Parents must make sure that their children continue to be insured after their divorces are finalized, and that their children may continue receiving the medications and treatments that they need to survive after their parents’ splits. Medical, mental, emotional and educational conditions are all special issues that may impact custodial and support outcomes related to divorce.

Knowing how to provide for a child with special needs during and after a divorce can be a sensitive issue. Parents who plan to end their marriages and who must continue to support special needs kids may wish to discuss these important issues with family law attorneys who represent parents in custodial and support matters.