Courts can intervene when parents are split on religion for kids

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | child custody

Many Florida families count themselves as members of different religions. While some may regularly attend services to celebrate their faiths, others may explore religious teachings on their own. Some families recognize two religious backgrounds when the parents of the families are each of different faiths.

Religion is one of those topics that individuals feel passionately about, whether they are in favor of one particular faith or choose not to subscribe to any church or house of worship. And individuals in this country have the right to follow whatever religious inclinations that they prefer. However, parents have the authority to expose their kids to different religious backgrounds as they see fit, and this can become an issue during and after a divorce when the parents do not agree on if or how their kids should be raised in a religion.

When parents share legal authority to make important decisions about their kids’ upbringings, they may each have a strong voice in how religion is incorporated into their kids’ lives. However, when the parents cannot agree on this sensitive issue, courts may impose orders on how religion should be used in a child’s life. In addition to considering the child’s best interests, a court may evaluate if exposure to a religion will cause a child actual or substantial harm.

Religion is a difficult issue for families, especially when they are divided by faith and divorce. Courts can help in this respect, and when preparing to negotiate sensitive custodial issues, Florida residents can benefit from discussing their expectations and needs with trained family law legal professionals.