Do parents have to pay for their children’s college costs?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | child support

Florida parents are generally obligated to provide financial support for their children up until the point the children reach adulthood or achieve a life event such as marriage or military enlistment that demonstrates their independence. Before then, parents are tasked with providing their kids with shelter, food, clothing and many other necessities to ensure that their needs are met.

However, not all parents choose to continue to support their kids once the kids become adults. For example, parents may decide to provide their children with financial backing until such time as they graduate from high school and turn eighteen years of age. After that point, parents may elect to allow their kids to find their own way in life.

Conversely, parents can choose to support their kids through college and into adulthood. When parents remain married, this decision can be implemented through their continued financial support of their offspring. When parents divorce, though, their intention to provide for their children through college will likely need to be outlined in a child support agreement.

Parents in Florida have options for determining how long they want to continue to provide for their children, as long as their intentions to do not violate Florida law. In order to determine how best to address parental preferences regarding college tuition and other financial matters in child support agreements, readers are advised to discuss their concerns with family law attorneys. Unique issues can create variations in how the law may be interpreted in particular family law cases, and, as such, readers should seek the advice of their own counsel.