Grandparent visitation rights in Florida

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | child custody

While a divorce severs the legal relationship between two people, it also cuts the ties that bind members of the parties’ extended families. For example, a child whose parents go through a divorce may find themselves separated from one side of their family if they are put in the sole physical custody of one parent. When situations such as this occur, it can be very difficult for aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents to retain their relationships with their loved ones affected by divorce.

In Florida, though, grandparents do have options for seeking visitation time with their grandkids. Just as noncustodial parents may secure scheduled periods of visitation with their own kids, grandparents may be entitled to visitation periods with their grandchildren. There are generally limits on visitation, and grandparents who want to pursue this form of contact with their grandchildren may wish to discuss their desires with family law attorneys in their communities.

Grandparent visitation is awarded when a child would benefit from continuing contact with their grandparent or grandparents. In some cases, a parent may be able to block a grandparent’s attempt to secure visitation time with their grandchild if the parent can show that the visitation would interfere with their parental right to raise their child. As with most family law matters, the best interests of the child are given substantial weight in such decisions.

Divorce has a widespread impact on families that extends far beyond the two people whose relationship is terminated. For grandparents in Florida who are worried that they may lose contact with their grandkids in the wake of divorce, legal options may be available to help them preserve their contact with the children they love.