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May 2018 Archives

Can I stop paying child support if my ex remarries?

The structures of Florida families change frequently. A couple may choose to end their relationship in divorce and to raise their shared children through custody and support arrangements that serve the kids' best interests. Over time, though, the parties to the former couple may move on themselves and may elect to enter into new relationships and even marriages. When they do questions can arise regarding how the new marriages will impact the existing agreements the parties share regarding their children.

Are both parents required to pay child support?

Often when a Florida child receives an award of child support it is only applicable to one of their parents. This may occur when, pursuant to the child's parents' divorce, the child is put in the custody of one parent and the other non-custodial parent is required to provide financial support for their offspring. However, just because the custodial parent is not named in a child support order does not mean that they do not have to provide for their child.

Property division basics in Florida

It is no secret that there can be many challenging aspects of a divorce and property division is no different. Property division during a high asset divorce can sometimes be especially challenging and acrimonious. It is important that the interests of the spouses are protected but understanding the process can also help create a smoother property division process for everyone involved.

Understanding the child custody process

Child custody can be an overwhelming aspect of any divorce which is why it can be helpful for divorcing couples to understand the child custody process and the resources available to help through the family law system. Child custody refers to where the child lives but also to who has the authority to make important decisions for the child. As such, child custody is divided into physical and legal custody.

Get help with the enforcement of a child support order

Last week, this Florida family law blog discussed the steps that a custodial parent may have to take to seek child support from a non-custodial and absent parent. However, it is an unfortunate truth that custodial parents who have existing child support agreements and orders must also take steps to see that those terms are fulfilled for the benefit of their kids. When parents fail to pay child support as ordered, their children and the kids' custodial parents can be put into difficult financial strain.

Seeking child support from an absent non-custodial parent

Often when families begin considering matters related to child custody and support, it is in conjunction with a pending divorce. However, when two people have a child and do not have a legal relationship through marriage, their separation can force them to address the same legal issues related to their children without the side issues of divorce. This post will discuss some of the issues a Florida parent may encounter if they wish to seek child support for their child from the child's other parent.

Ex-wife of actor receives multimillion dollar support settlement

High asset divorces are not uncommon in Hollywood where celebrities and entertainers can earn millions of dollars per year in wages, endorsements and sponsorships. Floridians who keep up with entertainment news may marvel at how multiple homes, jewelry, cars and other assets are precisely divided so that entertainers and their spouses each emerge with a fair portion of their shared wealth.