Get help with the enforcement of a child support order

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | child support

Last week, this Florida family law blog discussed the steps that a custodial parent may have to take to seek child support from a non-custodial and absent parent. However, it is an unfortunate truth that custodial parents who have existing child support agreements and orders must also take steps to see that those terms are fulfilled for the benefit of their kids. When parents fail to pay child support as ordered, their children and the kids’ custodial parents can be put into difficult financial strain.

For example, since a custodial parent may use child support money to pay for a child’s education or the rent needed to keep a roof over the child’s head, the nonpayment of child support may threaten the child’s schooling or even their home. The failure of a parent to pay child support does not simply mean that a child may have to go without certain luxuries; it can mean that a child will not receive the basic necessities they require to live.

The courts take the nonpayment of child support seriously, and the state has imposed a number of ways for a noncompliant parent to be compelled into paying what they owe to their kids. However, getting the proper orders and sanctions in place against a nonpaying parent can be difficult, and not all custodial parents know how to do so on their own.

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