Seeking child support from an absent non-custodial parent

Often when families begin considering matters related to child custody and support, it is in conjunction with a pending divorce. However, when two people have a child and do not have a legal relationship through marriage, their separation can force them to address the same legal issues related to their children without the side issues of divorce. This post will discuss some of the issues a Florida parent may encounter if they wish to seek child support for their child from the child’s other parent.

Before a parent begins to seek support for their child they may have to establish that they are their child’s custodial parent. That generally means that the child lives primarily with them and often when a child is being raised by a single parent that presumption is fulfilled. A parent may also have an agreement or order that stipulates that they are the sole physical custodian of their child.

Next, a parent may have to track down their child’s other parent if they want to seek support from that person. Needing support and receiving support do not always go hand in hand, and to this end it can take some time for a parent to locate their child’s other parent for the purposes of securing support. Additionally, a mother may have to overcome issues related to paternity in order to compel their child’s father to pay support.

Collecting child support from an absent and non-custodial parent is not always an easy process. It can be helpful to parents who must take on these struggles to work with knowledgeable family law attorneys who understand the importance of providing for one’s kids and ensuring that they have what they need to succeed.