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June 2018 Archives

What are the penalties for failure to pay child support?

Penalties for failure to pay child support can be significant. Understanding what they are is important for both paying parents and recipient parents when it comes to child support. Simply failing to pay child support in Florida can result in serious penalties and consequences for the parent who is failing to pay.

Can my ex and I make our own child support agreement?

It is often beneficial for the parties to a Florida divorce to work out their own settlements and agreements regarding the custodial and financial obligations that will keep them bound together even after their marriage ends. When the parties are able to find common ground without the help of a court they are more likely to find satisfaction with the terms they are bound to follow. To this end, Florida parents who elect to divorce or separate may create their own child support agreements.

Celebrity parents work out highly detailed custody plan

Working around two parents' schedules and the needs of their shared children can be difficult to say the least. As such, Florida families take their time to prepare child custody and parenting plans that serve the kids' best interests while preserving the parents' rights to be involved in the lives of their children. Custody plans can be changed when needed to accomplish the goals of meeting the children's needs and preserving the relationships between parents and kids; recently, a former celebrity couple established a summer custody schedule that is incredibly detailed in its scope.

Introduction to the best interests of the child standard

The best interests of the child is an important standard to be aware of because it drives child custody decisions. What it is, is based on a variety of factors the family law court will consider to determine what is in the best interests of the child when making a child custody decision.

When might a third party be granted custody of a child?

In most family law cases that involve the custody of a child, the parents to that child will be allowed to retain their rights to raise their child in their homes and according to their parenting preferences. Florida parents may be required to share physical and legal custody of their children, but it is generally the case that a child will be placed in the care of at least one of their parents. This determination will be made based on the child's best interests.

Important considerations at the end of a marriage

Getting divorced in the United States is a fairly common legal process. While not all marriages end in divorce a large percentage of them will eventually terminate and return the partners to their original single statuses. For Floridians contemplating divorce, it is important to think through a variety of considerations as the divorce process begins. This post will touch on some issues to work through pre-divorce but readers should consider discussing their divorce needs with their family law attorneys.

How to divide retirement assets during divorce

Divorcing couples may encounter disputes related to child custody, child support and property division, including dividing up retirement assets. Because understandable concerns may arise when dividing a 401(k), and there may be tax and penalty concerns associated with the division process, it is important for couples to understand how retirement accounts are divided, especially during a high asset divorce.