Celebrity parents work out highly detailed custody plan

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | child custody

Working around two parents’ schedules and the needs of their shared children can be difficult to say the least. As such, Florida families take their time to prepare child custody and parenting plans that serve the kids’ best interests while preserving the parents’ rights to be involved in the lives of their children. Custody plans can be changed when needed to accomplish the goals of meeting the children’s needs and preserving the relationships between parents and kids; recently, a former celebrity couple established a summer custody schedule that is incredibly detailed in its scope.

Actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were previously marred and together share six children. After their divorce Jolie became the primary custodian of the children but just recently a court ruled that Pitt must have a more substantial part in the lives of five of his kids. The eldest child of the former couple was left out of the new arrangement as he was deemed old enough to decide for himself where he would like to live.

According to the new plan, Pitt and Jolie’s five youngest will be required to spend a set number of hours with each parent on a week-to-week schedule. Some weeks Pitt has the kids for 4 hours per day while on other days he has the kids completely under his care. Additionally, Jolie was required to give Pitt the cell phone numbers of their kids so that he could text them without her interference.

Child custody plans can get complicated as made clear by the comprehensive summer plans the Jolie-Pitt family had to create. However, in order to ensure that parents and kids continue to grow their relationships even after the parental relationships end it can be important to revisit custody orders and agreements to make sure they accomplish their goals.