Important considerations at the end of a marriage

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | high asset divorce

Getting divorced in the United States is a fairly common legal process. While not all marriages end in divorce a large percentage of them will eventually terminate and return the partners to their original single statuses. For Floridians contemplating divorce, it is important to think through a variety of considerations as the divorce process begins. This post will touch on some issues to work through pre-divorce but readers should consider discussing their divorce needs with their family law attorneys.

First, a divorce divides up the property that married people acquire together and therefore before a divorce is deep into its proceedings the parties should truly consider what they want to keep as their own. For example, if the partners own a vacation home, will they sell it and split the proceeds or will one partner emerge with it as their own? Real property, furniture, cars, jewelry and other personal property can all be subject to division under Florida’s marital property laws.

Next, individuals preparing to divorce can proactively learn more about their finances through acquiring their credit reports, finding out account balances and other economic fact-finding. By knowing what is at stake in a divorce a person can avoid making costly mistakes when it comes to settling matters with their ex.

Finally, when preparing for divorce a person should remember that it is not just about money and property. Divorce is a challenging emotional process and it can be made less stressful by utilizing the support of friends and family. It can also help a divorcing party to work with an attorney they trust to handle the delicate steps needed to undo their marriage.