What are the penalties for failure to pay child support?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2018 | child support

Penalties for failure to pay child support can be significant. Understanding what they are is important for both paying parents and recipient parents when it comes to child support. Simply failing to pay child support in Florida can result in serious penalties and consequences for the parent who is failing to pay.

Penalties and consequences for failure to pay child support in Florida can range from wage garnishment to being held in contempt of court and potentially jailed. Additional penalties can include the possible suspension of a license such as a driver’s license or business or occupational license; the denial of a passport; and the interception of tax refunds; the placement of liens on property; and negative credit reporting. Additional potential penalties and consequences are also possible for the failure to pay child support.

When child support is due according to a child support agreement ordered by the court, it is important to continue to pay according to that child support order. Certain options may be available to parents struggling to make required child support payments through a child support modification but a modification must be requested through the family law court and the current child support order remains in effect until it is modified by the family law court.

It is important to never simply stop paying required child support payments and is best to seek a child support modification promptly when a parent knows they are struggling to make required child support payments. Family law and other resources are available in Florida to help both parents seeking to enforce child support orders and parents struggling to pay child support so it is important to be familiar with these options for help.