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July 2018 Archives

How divorcing spouses should approach a high asset divorce

The divorce process can take its toll emotionally, financially and otherwise which is why couples facing a high asset divorce should understand how to proceed through the process. High asset divorces can create additional complexities and stress in some circumstances which is why divorcing couples should be prepared for what to expect and how to best approach the divorce process.

Information is critical when courts decide child custody matters

Just as Florida parents want what is best for their kids, so, too, do courts want to serve children's best interests when they are asked to make child custody decisions. A child's best interests can only be assessed after many factors are considered, and those factors may relate to the individual needs of the child, as well as the parents' abilities to provide for them. To make an informed custody decision, then, a court must have the best possible information.

Confusion over marital assets, debts can cause divorce issues

It is not uncommon for husbands and wives to share the duties of running their households. While one partner may focus their efforts on caring for their children, maintaining their home and meeting their social and familial commitments, the other may prioritize earning money and ensuring that their family has a strong economic base on which to grow. In traditional Florida households, women may tend toward the more domestic roles of familial support, while men generally focus their attentions on the financial health of their relationships.

How to modify child support

Child support modifications are important to be familiar with because it can sometimes be difficult to make required child support payments or an increase in child support payments may be needed. Circumstances such as a job loss, injury, change in marital status, change in household income or a change in the circumstances of the child can create a need for a change in child support.

What factors will courts examine when making custody decisions?

Often, when Florida parents consider how the court will determine who will receive custody of their children, they may consider the many factors related to their kids that can influence the custodial outcome. These factors can include, but are not limited to, the age of the children, the special or medical needs of the children, the preferences of the children and others. However, courts not only focus on the children in custody cases: they also pay attention to particular factors related to the parents.

Seek assistance before you fall behind on child support

Last week this family law and divorce blog discussed the important topic of child support. Child support is an obligation between a parent and their offspring that mandates that the parent will provide their child or children with financial support. Child support can be imposed through an agreement between the child's parents or by order of the court. As recently discussed, failing to pay child support can not only result in a child not receiving what they need but also serious penalties for the delinquent parent.

Spinal cord injuries impact victims differently

Spinal cord injuries can come from a host of causes. No matter caused the injury, you will likely face some challenges while you learn to live your new way of life. While not all of these injuries are associated with paralysis, there is a chance that you will find some limitations or quirks that weren't there before the accident.