How to modify child support

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | child support

Child support modifications are important to be familiar with because it can sometimes be difficult to make required child support payments or an increase in child support payments may be needed. Circumstances such as a job loss, injury, change in marital status, change in household income or a change in the circumstances of the child can create a need for a change in child support.

There are two ways child support can be modified including when the parents agree to the change or the family law court orders it. Knowing how to navigate the process can be helpful. It is important to act promptly when the parent knows they need a change in the amount of child support they are paying and should ensure they continue to make all required child support payments until any change is official.

Additionally, parents seeking a child support modification should be familiar with what circumstances warrant a child support modification. In general, a substantial change in circumstances of the parent or the child may warrant a child support modification. Parents should be able to document the need for the modification for the family law court if they are unable to reach a modification agreement with the other parent. A parent seeking a child support modification should always file the request with the appropriate court.

Because child support can be a sensitive issue, it is helpful for parents to be familiar with how child support modifications are determined. Understanding how to navigate the process can help parents needing a modification obtain the outcome they are seeking.