Information is critical when courts decide child custody matters

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | child custody

Just as Florida parents want what is best for their kids, so, too, do courts want to serve children’s best interests when they are asked to make child custody decisions. A child’s best interests can only be assessed after many factors are considered, and those factors may relate to the individual needs of the child, as well as the parents’ abilities to provide for them. To make an informed custody decision, then, a court must have the best possible information.

Parents must be forthcoming and clear in giving a court the information it needs to make a solid custody decision. A parent may be asked if they will be able to work with the other parent on the child’s behalf and if they will encourage the child to build their relationship with the other parent.

Parents may be asked to break down how much time they will spend with their kids when the children are in their homes and if the parents will delegate any of their duties to others, such as grandparents or sitters, while the children are under their care. Parents may be asked to honestly discuss any instances of violence that have occurred between them and their children, as such issues may alter a court’s plan for the custody of the kids.

The more information that a court has regarding how a child will be cared for the better the court can serve the child’s best interests. A family law advocate can help a parent fight for the custody of their child.