Seek assistance before you fall behind on child support

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2018 | child support

Last week this family law and divorce blog discussed the important topic of child support. Child support is an obligation between a parent and their offspring that mandates that the parent will provide their child or children with financial support. Child support can be imposed through an agreement between the child’s parents or by order of the court. As recently discussed, failing to pay child support can not only result in a child not receiving what they need but also serious penalties for the delinquent parent.

There are many reasons that a parent may find that they cannot make their child support obligation work. When hard times hit it can be tough to stretch a meager paycheck or no income to provide for one’s self, let alone their monthly payment to their children. A parent who does not have the means to meet their child support obligation may feel cornered and unsure of how to do the right thing.

The attorneys of the Messer & Messer Law Offices offer compassionate counsel to individuals who are struggling with their child support requirements. They understand that life can get in the way of a parent’s ability to provide for their kids and that that inability does not reflect on their capacity to be a loving parent.

Parents have options when they cannot pay child support but they must be proactive in their efforts to make their legal alternatives work. Modifications can be achieved when parents experience changes in circumstance that prevent them from making their payments; those who would like to learn more about how Messer & Messer may serve their child support needs may use the firm’s website to gather more information.