What factors will courts examine when making custody decisions?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | child custody

Often, when Florida parents consider how the court will determine who will receive custody of their children, they may consider the many factors related to their kids that can influence the custodial outcome. These factors can include, but are not limited to, the age of the children, the special or medical needs of the children, the preferences of the children and others. However, courts not only focus on the children in custody cases: they also pay attention to particular factors related to the parents.

For example, Florida courts will assess the capacity of the parents to provide loving and supportive homes for their kids. If one parent is more suited to provide these requirements, then they may be more likely to receive physical custody of their kids than the other parent.

Additionally, a court may consider how the parents will work together to support the other’s relationship with the child. If the court finds that one parent will bar the other from contact with their kids or will otherwise make the relationship difficult, the court may elect to put the children in the custody of the more accommodating parent.

It is impossible to weigh all of the factors that courts must assess when making individual child custody decisions. However, parents should know that, in most cases, the courts will look at them as well as their kids to decide how best to serve the interests of the children. Specific questions about child custody should be referred to individual family law attorneys as this post does not provide legal advice.