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August 2018 Archives

How to have a more successful estate planning discussion

As you create an estate plan, you may come to find that you have to share your thoughts, goals and other important information with your loved ones. For example, parents often have a conversation with their adult children. Just the same, you may find yourself discussing the finer details of your estate plan with your spouse.

Why can't my ex and I have equal time with our child?

Matters of child custody can be difficult for families to work through. When Florida parents cannot agree to custodial arrangements that serve the needs and interests of their kids and fit into their schedules, the courts may intervene to decide where the kids should live.

Imputed income in a Florida child support case

Florida courts may look at many forms of income when deciding how much support parents should have to pay for the benefit of their children. They may evaluate the parents' salaries, bonuses, and benefits, as well as their income from investments, dividends, royalties, and pensions. These are only some of the ways individuals can collect money and, when it comes to supporting their children, Florida parents should expect to provide them with what they need.

What types of alimony are available?

A divorce can be a financial nightmare. Even those with high incomes and significant assets may find it difficult transitioning from a marital relationship into a single lifestyle. At least one of the spouses will likely have to find a new place to live, and both will have to make ends meet without the combined income of two earners.

Changing support for a child's changing needs

One of the most miraculous things that a Florida parent can experience is the development of their child. While different kids reach milestones at different times, parents often wonder at the major changes their children undergo between their first few weeks of life and their transitions into adulthood.

Money considerations may affect timing of divorce

Florida residents who intend to divorce must often weigh significant emotional and financial factors. Soon, some of the financial matters that they felt confident about may be changing. In fact, in 2019, certain tax implications relating to alimony and prenuptial agreements could introduce uncertainty into the divorce process.