Changing support for a child’s changing needs

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2018 | child support

One of the most miraculous things that a Florida parent can experience is the development of their child. While different kids reach milestones at different times, parents often wonder at the major changes their children undergo between their first few weeks of life and their transitions into adulthood.

Very young children require very basic necessities: food, shelter, love, and warmth. As they grow, their requirements expand to educational opportunities and extracurricular experiences, both of which are added to the same needs the child required as an infant. As they get closer to adulthood, their needs may require them to travel, acquire tools to prepare them for higher education and their careers, as well as to continue to receive support for their basic needs.

Children may also develop their own distinctive needs, such as extraordinary medical care for illnesses or special educational opportunities for intellectual and learning challenges. These conditions may not be present when a child’s parents first put together a plan for their financial support and, therefore, how these needs should be addressed by the parents may not be clear.

The one constant in the development of a child is change, and when that child counts on a support order or agreement to be provided with what they need, it too must change to serve them as they grow. Readers who wish to change or update their children’s support agreements and orders are invited to reach out to the Messer & Messer Law Offices for guidance on how to serve the financial interests of their kids, as well as other family law matters.