Why can’t my ex and I have equal time with our child?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | child custody

Matters of child custody can be difficult for families to work through. When Florida parents cannot agree to custodial arrangements that serve the needs and interests of their kids and fit into their schedules, the courts may intervene to decide where the kids should live.

One reason that a court may award one parent sole physical custody of their child and the other visitation time is because a split physical custody plan may be too disruptive to the child. Child custody evaluations take into consideration many factors, such as the age of the child, the relationship that the child has with both parents, their medical and emotional needs, their school requirements, and others. If going back and forth between the homes of their parents may be too disruptive on their lives, the kids may be placed with one parent to help them find normalcy.

Also, a parent may be unable to meet their child’s needs if they are required to spend long stretches of time with their kids without the support of their exes. For example, if a parent has to travel for work, they may find that they are unable to care for their children when they should have custody of them.

Courts look for ways to provide kids with what they need to foster the relationships that the children have with their parents. Having an equal physical custody plan is not always possible, but parents can advocate for their preferences with the help of their family law attorneys.