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September 2018 Archives

What is parental interference?

Parental interference, often referred to as parenting time interference, is a serious legal issue that can impact the relationships parents have with their children when custody orders and agreements are in place. Florida parents who experience disruptions in their parenting time with their kids due to the actions of their former partners may be the victims of parenting time interference.

Legal help with family law concerns

Family law is a broad area of the law that helps families and couples in Florida through some of the most challenging personal issues they face. It offers a variety of tools and resources. Couples struggling with child custody or child support concerns, or facing a divorce, should understand the tremendous amount of help those family law resources can provide.

Parents each pay a proportion of computed child support

Computing child support in Florida can seem like a difficult process. It can, in fact, require a significant amount of information and calculation. The first step in computing child support under the Florida guidelines is to add up the total amount of income that the child's parents earn.

How is child support enforced in Florida?

Most people know it is important not to ignore a child support order, but some may wonder what the consequences of doing are and what the penalties are for failing to abide by a valid child support order. Parents who fail to pay child support face serious potential penalties and consequences.

Keeping track of assets during a Florida divorce

When a divorcing party is asked to list the assets they share with their soon-to-be ex, some obvious items may jump into their mind first. They may think of their home and their cars, as well as personal property like furniture, jewelry, and any artwork they may own. They may focus on the things that they can see and touch, but they may forget some of their most important and financially-significant assets: investments, business holdings, and retirement funds.