How is child support enforced in Florida?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | child support

Most people know it is important not to ignore a child support order, but some may wonder what the consequences of doing are and what the penalties are for failing to abide by a valid child support order. Parents who fail to pay child support face serious potential penalties and consequences.

Some examples of the potential penalties and consequence of a failure to pay child support range from negative credit reporting and liens being placed on property to potential jail time in some circumstances. Potential penalties and consequences for a failure to pay child support can include: fines; garnishing wages; seizure of bank accounts; interception of income tax refunds; suspension of a driver’s license, occupational or business license; or the denial or revocation of a passport.

It is helpful for parents struggling to make child support payments to keep in mind that the family law process provides resources to help them resolve their concerns and may help them modify child support when needed. Parents should act promptly if they know they will need a child support modification and not forget to continue to abide by the current order until a child support modification has been granted.

It is important for parents to do their best to meet their child support obligations and be aware of the resources available to help them when struggling to meet their child support obligations or when seeking to have a child support order enforced. The family law process ensures that resources are available to help families with all the challenges they may face, which is why they should all be familiar with the resources available.