What is parental interference?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | child custody

Parental interference, often referred to as parenting time interference, is a serious legal issue that can impact the relationships parents have with their children when custody orders and agreements are in place. Florida parents who experience disruptions in their parenting time with their kids due to the actions of their former partners may be the victims of parenting time interference.

Parenting time interference happens when a parent takes direct or indirect action to deprive their co-parent of time with their kids. It may occur if a parent fails to drop their child off for scheduled custody with their other parent or it may occur if a parent blocks the other from contacting their children through telephone or email. What readers of this post should understand is that parenting time interference is a potentially punishable offense and parents who are the victims of it may have legal options to enforce their parental rights.

One way that parenting time interference may be remedied is through the ordering of changes to a custody arrangement. If a parent cannot or will not abide by the terms of an existing agreement or order, the court may change it to protect both parents’ time with their kids. A court may also require a parent to give the other more time if parenting time interference has cut into the other’s opportunities to be with their kids.

Interference with one’s parenting time should not be tolerated and both parents and kids may suffer if it is allowed to persist. In the event that a reader is currently dealing with this serious child custody issue, they are encouraged to contact their family law attorney to discuss what they can do to stop the problems between them and their former partner.