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October 2018 Archives

Exercise legal custody to protect your children's best interests

Florida parents who divorce can be granted two different forms of custody for their kids: physical custody and legal custody. A parent who has physical custody will have that child live with them for some or all of the time; parents who share physical custody can have different scheduling arrangements to accommodate the needs of their children. A parent who has legal custody may be involved in how their child is raised and the decisions that will affect their child's upbringing.

Disclosing assets during a divorce

Going through a divorce can mean giving out a lot of information about one's financial situation and property holdings. Ending a marriage is only one of the legal matters that is addressed during the divorce process, as courts must also contend with support needs, property divisions, and child custody plans. In Florida, a person may be subject to discovery efforts to ensure that they have fully disclosed all issues that may be relevant to the divorce.

What it means to have visitation with your child

When two individuals are married, live under the same roof, and share children, there is generally a presumption that they will work together to support their kids' emotional, physical, and financial needs. However, when divorce forces parents to live separate lives, it can be difficult for them to understand the truncated schedules that they may end up with regarding their sons and daughters. In some cases, parents will share custody of their kids, but, in other situations, one parent may end up with visitation rights.

Does my child's graduation mean I can stop paying their support?

Children can have drastically different needs and, for this reason, the child support orders that Florida courts issue can look very different. In general, though, a child support order may terminate a parent's requirement to pay when the child reaches the age of 18 or 19 and graduates from high school. However, individuals should look at their own child support orders for information regarding their particular rights and obligations.

Addressing medical expenses in a child support order

Parents generally have an obligation for the care and support of their children and children generally have a right to care and support from their parents. This includes child support obligations but can also uninsured or unreimbursed medical expenses as well.

Permissible uses of child support payments

Raising a child in 2018 can be an expensive undertaking. Even for parents who choose to send their kids to public schools and who earn steady incomes, ensuring that children have everything they need to thrive can be financially challenging. When a Florida child is the recipient of child support payments from one of their parents, there may be questions regarding what that money may be used for.