Exercise legal custody to protect your children’s best interests

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | child custody

Florida parents who divorce can be granted two different forms of custody for their kids: physical custody and legal custody. A parent who has physical custody will have that child live with them for some or all of the time; parents who share physical custody can have different scheduling arrangements to accommodate the needs of their children. A parent who has legal custody may be involved in how their child is raised and the decisions that will affect their child’s upbringing.

A parent who does not have physical custody of their child may feel as though they are left out of many of the important aspects of parenting because they may not see their child every day or even every week. They may feel that they have lost the power to be a parent if they do not have regular contact with their child and that their role as a parent is diminished.

However, a parent with legal custody has a critically important role in ensuring that their child is provided for. Legal custodians have active voices in where and how their kids are educated, how they are given medical treatment, if and where they are taught religious lessons, and other important decisions.

If a parent with legal custody fears that their voice is being ignored because they do not have physical custody, they can seek legal help to have their rights recognized. The attorneys of Messer & Messer advocate for parents who are fighting to stay involved in their children’s lives despite the custodial arrangements that they are forced to respect. The firm is open to new clients who need support with their child custody cases.