Permissible uses of child support payments

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | child support

Raising a child in 2018 can be an expensive undertaking. Even for parents who choose to send their kids to public schools and who earn steady incomes, ensuring that children have everything they need to thrive can be financially challenging. When a Florida child is the recipient of child support payments from one of their parents, there may be questions regarding what that money may be used for.

Child support may be used for many child-rearing purposes. However, it is important that readers consult with their own child support orders and agreements to be aware of the parameters that may apply in their specific cases. Their family law attorneys can help them understand the permissible uses of child support that attach to their unique cases.

Generally, child support may be used to provide a child with their most basic needs. It may be applied to the mortgage payments of the child’s home or the rent for their residence. It may be used to buy the groceries that the child eats or to pay the utilities that keep power and water running to the child’s home. Child support can be used to buy a child clothing, school supplies, to pay for their transportation costs, and for other daily needs.

Child support is usually not limited to necessities, however. It may be applied to other costs, such as their extracurricular expenses, vacations, and medical costs. These are only some of the possible uses child support may be applied to.

Children need child support payments to engage in the many activities that happen in their daily lives. The timely and complete payment of child support from parent to child is necessary to ensure that children are not left without the help they need.