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November 2018 Archives

Gift-giving presents unique challenges for divorced parents

If you are a divorced parent, you may already realize that giving gifts to the kids now is far more complicated than it was during your marriage. Maybe your ex is the bigger wage-earner, and that is reflected in the gifts the kids receive. Or perhaps you gave the kids some great gifts — along with the stipulation that they can only use them when they are staying with you.

"Nesting" as a means of reducing stress on kids during divorce

There is no question that ending a marriage is stressful on parents as well as on kids. In Florida, parents may take excruciating pains to protect their children from their relationship stresses and to preserve as much normalcy as they can in the lives of their kids. A new trend in caring for children during and after a divorce is nesting, and experts believe that it may be a good way to transition children into their new, post-divorce lives.

What does "the best interests of the child" mean?

Parents know that children can be very different. Even parents who have multiple children may have observed the very different personalities and needs that their offspring exhibit even though they were raised by the same people and in the same environment. It is because children can have very different requirements for fulfilling their daily needs that courts must examine what will serve their best interests when matters of child custody are being worked out.

Keep detailed records of support payments

Most Florida residents have a good understanding of their monthly income and expenses. They may track their spending through their online credit card and bank statements, or they may maintain a ledger that informs them of the checks they have written over the course of the last few months. They may hold onto receipts and payment slips until they know that payments have been processed, so that they are prepared to handle any disputes regarding such matters.

Inheritances, trust funds, and other high asset divorce considerations

A Florida resident may be pleased to find that a long-lost relative left them a small fortune as an inheritance. This unexpected windfall may enable the recipient to improve their lifestyle, make desired investments, or simply build up their own portfolio of assets for the future benefit of themselves and their relatives.

Addressing the divorce-related concerns of divorcing couples

As this blog recently discussed, half of all marriages end in divorce. Because of this, it is essential for divorcing couples to be familiar with family law resources to help them with their divorce process and to guide them through it so that the process can be as positive as possible for the family.