Addressing the divorce-related concerns of divorcing couples

As this blog recently discussed, half of all marriages end in divorce. Because of this, it is essential for divorcing couples to be familiar with family law resources to help them with their divorce process and to guide them through it so that the process can be as positive as possible for the family.

Divorce-related issues couples and families may need help with include child support; child custody and visitation; property division concerns; spousal support requests; paternity issues; adoption concerns; prenuptial agreements; and modifications to an existing order for child custody and visitation, child support or spousal support.

Family law rules can help guide the concerns divorcing couples may face. Child support is calculated based on child support guidelines; property division is conducted based on property division rules; and child custody decisions are made based on what is in the best interests of the child. The more divorcing couples are familiar with these rules and how they will impact their divorce, the better position they are in reach a divorce agreement that satisfies their concerns and is best for their family.

The family law process provides resources and tools that are flexible enough to allow divorcing couples to reach settlement agreements that work best for their families and protect the interests of the parties. As a result, spouses who are considering divorce should know what to expect from the divorce process and how it can help them through the challenges they face when they have made the difficult decision to divorce.