“Nesting” as a means of reducing stress on kids during divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | child custody

There is no question that ending a marriage is stressful on parents as well as on kids. In Florida, parents may take excruciating pains to protect their children from their relationship stresses and to preserve as much normalcy as they can in the lives of their kids. A new trend in caring for children during and after a divorce is nesting, and experts believe that it may be a good way to transition children into their new, post-divorce lives.

Nesting, also called birdnesting, involves keeping the family home for the kids. That means that the parents take turns living in the home with their children but also share a second residential space – such as an apartment or second home – where the other stays when they are not with their children. Nesting only works when parents can work together. Some believe that its benefits may only endure for short-term stretches.

Nesting helps kids because it keeps them in their own homes and at their regular schools. It avoids the hassles of moving kids’ clothing and toys between the homes of their parents and provides stability for them during otherwise precarious times. Nesting may not work for all families and may cause more stress for some parents that entering into tradition custodial arrangements.

Parents often want to do what is best for their kids, and for some, nesting may be a great option to make the move out of a marriage as smooth as possible. To learn more about all possible custodial options, readers can take their questions and concerns to their divorce attorneys for further support. This not only ensures they are well informed but also that they take steps to protect their rights and interests.