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December 2018 Archives

Tips for locating a deadbeat parent

In Florida, more children than ever are being born to unmarried couples. Getting married is a personal choice that does not affect an ability to raise children. However, staying unmarried does make it easier for one spouse to disappear if he or she does not wish to parent or pay any expenses for the children. In other words, to avoid paying child support when he or she decides to no longer be a part of the relationship.

Medical expenses and child support

Ongoing medical expenses for a sick or disabled child can add up very quickly, especially for families with no insurance. When calculating child support payments, it is of vital importance that current, as well as future expenses, be taken into account to ensure there is money available when bills arrive.

Interstate child custody arrangements

Current and future residential locations of custodial parties are of utmost importance in negotiating child visitation schedules. If one spouse can foresee the possibility of future relocation across state lines, it should be mentioned in an original custody agreement. This prevents the need for modification of the agreement in the future, which can be quite costly. Almost every state has now enacted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which recognizes and enforces child custody agreements even when entered by a judge in another state.

Holidays can still be enjoyable for children after divorce

Divorcing parents should always keep the best interests of their children in mind when negotiating a divorce settlement and custody schedule. This is especially true for holiday seasons. Christmas time can create magical, happy memories for a child. Divorced parents who are willing to put aside their own differences and focus on making that happen will set the holiday tone for their children for years to come. There are several ways to consider dividing time among families.

The benefits of settling a high asset divorce out of court

Whether entering into a simple, no asset divorce or a complex, high asset litigation, one thing remains the same; it is usually a stressful time. In the divorce of a high-profile couple with a multitude of assets to valuate and divide, there are a whole host of reasons to work hard at reaching a settlement agreement outside of court.