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April 2019 Archives

Defensive driving techniques for all drivers

Between distracted drivers, drunk drivers and other people operating their vehicles in a negligent manner, the roads through Port Saint Lucie can be dangerous. Whether you have years of experience or you are a new driver, safety should be an important concern. But, do you practice the defensive driving techniques you learned in your driver's education course or have you slowly forgotten them over the years?

What happens if child support is not paid?

When parents are going through a divorce, it is always a tough time for a child, both emotionally and financially. To ensure that the child is not affected by the divorce, federal and state authorities have enacted laws that give courts the authority to decide how a child will be raised and who will financially support the child.

Former NBA player pleads guilty in unpaid child support case

Most residents of Florida know it is important not to disregard a child support order by the courts, but some may not realize what the outcomes of doing so are and what the punishments are for failing to stand by a legal child support order. Parents who fail to pay child support in full and on time face serious potential penalties and consequences.

Alimony-related new tax law for Florida residents

When a Florida couple decides to part ways, they must deal with various issues. These issues include property division, child custody, child support and alimony. Most of these affect a divorcing spouse's finances, as well as the taxes they have to pay. For instance, per the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service, child support is never tax deductible and isn't considered income; however, alimony payments do have an effect on a person's tax obligations. Now, changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have made solving disputes just a bit more complicated.

Understanding the "Full Faith and Credit" child custody law

It is usual for people to change place from one state to another state after a divorce. Such change in place is smooth if the estranged couple did not have a child. However, if they had a child, the court must approve the relocation. The court will also pass an order about the visitation schedules, which both parents must respect. Many parents, however, disregard the original court order with the impression that they are protected from the laws of that state as they are now in another state. However, that is a major error of judgment.

Actor no longer has to pay child support

There are few situations harder for a parent to negotiate than divorce. This is especially true when the divorce includes issues like alimony, child support and child custody. When children are involved, child support becomes a concern for the custodial parent. It is a very important issue, which should be handled with care and attention by both the parents and the judicial system.