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Actor no longer has to pay child support

There are few situations harder for a parent to negotiate than divorce. This is especially true when the divorce includes issues like alimony, child support and child custody. When children are involved, child support becomes a concern for the custodial parent. It is a very important issue, which should be handled with care and attention by both the parents and the judicial system.

In a recent case, a famous reality television personality settled child custody battle with his ex-fiancé and as per the new custody agreement he is reportedly no longer required to pay child support. The actor had been paying about $20,000 a month in child maintenance. According to the new arrangement, both parents will cover their daughter's expenses, including healthcare, and education expense which will be split down the middle. Apart from this, each parent will only pay for their child's needs when she's with them. It's also being reported that both the parents will split custody of their child 50/50.

Child support is a complicated business based on many factors, one of which is the amount of time that the parents are spending with their children. The child support calculation also involves technicalities such as financial needs of the children, medical needs, and the everyday expenses of raising a child or children. Child support payment can vary according to the increase and decrease in the parents' income but all changes in support must be approved by the court, which must review the case for certain conditions that are defined for availing this provision of law.

Child support is a proceeding that requires a lot of contemplation and simultaneously constant legal advice. The basic purpose and motive of all child support guidelines is to ensure that children are getting the support of their parents to meet their basic needs and requirements like food, shelter, medical needs, and more. Failure to pay child support can result in serious consequences like garnishment of wages, suspension of driver's licenses or professional licenses, and sometimes even arrests.

Divorced parents or parents going through a divorce always need to be very cautious in a child support suit. Child support guidelines can be complicated, and failure to follow them can result in criminal non-support charges. Because of this, it's important to have the help of an experienced legal professional lawyer in family and child support laws.

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