Singer avoids jail by paying in arrears child support

Non-custodial parents are obligatory by law to pay child support so that the parent with primary custody does not have to struggle for maintaining the children’s standard of living. In case of someone’s failure to pay court-ordered child support, the state and federal laws mandate strict enforcement procedures. A non-custodial parent’s failure to keep up payment can subject them to stiff penalties and even jail time.

Recently, a singer-songwriter managed to avoid jail by making a payment of $62,499 to his ex-wife for back child support. He also placed a check in advance for future child support for next three months in an escrow account. However, this is not the first time the singer failed to make the required payments. Couple of months back, he was arrested on suspicion of failure to pay child support and released from custody after the payment was made by a supporter on his behalf.

However, the singer’s ex-wife is still demanding $32,383 in back child support remaining from the $161,000 that he was ordered to pay by the court in March, interest for back child support payments and attorney fees. He is also hold responsible by his ex-wife for nonpayment of college expenses for their daughter, which forced her to leave school.

As consequences for failure to pay child support may be harsh, the non-custodial parent who is unable to make full payments should inform the court by filing a formal motion requesting a review and revision of child support, citing their current financial status. Not doing so may result in a default judgment of delinquency. A person while undergoing proceedings for child custody and child support may take advice of a legal professional. The professional may advise the person on calculations for child support and may also guide the person on the appropriate methods to lower the monthly child support rate if the person is unable to afford it.