Actor ordered to pay ex-wife $1.7 million for divorce settlement

There are many compulsive circumstances under which an agreed upon child support arrangement may need modification. Depending on the child’s needs or change in financial situations owing to loss of a job, suffering a disease or serious injury or dip in household earning, the payer of child support has rights to appeal for modification.

In a recent case, a family court took into consideration an actor’s reduced income and decided to cut down his spousal and child support payments to his ex-wife. The court also took cognizance of his ex-wife not trying to look for work and finding a source of earning. Under the new arrangement, the actor has to pay $3,174 per month in child support and $2,100 per month in spousal support. He will also pay for their daughter’s school fee at around $2,000 per month. During the negotiations, the actor made a case that his monthly income dropped since 2011, the year the famous television comedy series he was working with came to an end.

However, the former wife blamed the actor was withholding their daughter’s private school fees payments, and accused him of concealing his earning. The former couple has been fighting a court battle over finances since both separated in 2017 after a 10-year marriage.

To settle the former couple’s divorce, the court reportedly decided the actor has to pay his ex-wife $1.7 million in recognition of his being given the ownership of their marital home as well as other assets he is getting to keep. A judgment will be put on record in the case after both parties agree to the decision of the court.

As far as the best interest of the children is concerned, Florida family law courts do not raise objections to support modifications. Parents seeking to lower their spousal or child support payments due to changes in life circumstances can apply for the same following the laws and procedures of their state. However, the procedures are not as simple, or as expeditious, as many believe them to be or hope. Parents may seek the help of a legal professional who can resolve their queries and guide them through the process of child support modification.