Florida mom reunited with son after long custody battle

After nearly ten months of separation, a Florida mom has finally been reunited with her four-year-old son, who the mother alleges was checked out from the daycare and taken to Lebanon by his father in direct violation of his court-ordered visitation rights. The father was granted weekend visitation by the court.

The father has been arrested by FBI and is now in federal custody. He had been wanted for allegedly absconding with the child from Florida last August. The man is native of Michigan, however, claims Lebanese citizenship, according to officials.

Federal agencies reveal the child was taken to Lebanon on a fake passport. To bring the child back to home at Florida, the mother had been working with the authorities both at home and in Lebanese governments. The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida had issued an arrest warrant in last October for the father, who is accused of kidnapping a child from the United States with the intent to “obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights.”

Technically, Lebanon does not deport people to the U.S., because the country is not a participant of the Hague Convention of International Child Abductions. However, first time Lebanese authorities came to an agreement to administer an arrest order from the U.S. and turn the wanted suspect over to the federal investigators.

At times child custody fights lead to one parent running away with the children and such events can be catastrophic for the other parent. However, the law makes available many legal remedies to help the parent get the children back. In the event of a parent kidnapping a child, the other parent may pray relief from the criminal justice system of the state. The distressed parent may appeal for a modified custody arrangement to avert repeat of such incidents in the future. In cases of cross border abduction, the parent may request the service of public officials and the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs who may help execute the safe return of your child.

If you’re concerned about the custody of your children, you should take assistance of a legal professional who can assess how things stand in your case and ensure added safety for your children by working with the court.