Robert De Niro’s estranged wife claims half of his $500M fortune

Two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro’s divorce fight is becoming increasingly complicated as his estranged wife Grace Hightower wants half of his fortune, which she alleges is around $500 million. According to sources, the separated couple is battling over the wordings of a prenuptial agreement they signed when they married for the second time in 2004. The couple was first married in 1997 but split in 1999.

As per the conditions of the prenuptial agreement, Grace is entitled to a $6 million apartment, $500,000 cash, $1 million a year in alimony and half the value of their second apartment. However, Grace is arguing for half of De Niro’s earnings since 2004 when the couple remarried.

Grace claimed that the 75-year-old acting legend kept her in the dark about his earnings during their marriage. She claims she is entitled to half of what he earned during their second marriage, including income from his 35 business ventures and 38 movies. Grace’s attorney argued that the actor’s net worth is more than $500 million. Besides his successful film career, the actor reportedly owns stakes in the Nobu sushi chain, The Greenwich Hotel and Canal Productions.

While fighting for issues such as child support, child custody, spousal support and asset division is common in divorce proceedings, they become even more complicated for couples that own many assets. It is best to seek the assistance of an experienced legal professional if multiple business ventures, stock holdings, and sizeable assets are involved in a divorce proceeding.