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July 2019 Archives

What to do when parenting time interference occurs

It can be hard for families to work around the individual schedules of their members, and this is especially true when families are divided by separation and divorce. Across Florida, parents are doing their best to make their lives work all while sharing their kids and attempting to provide them with love, stability and security. It can be difficult to find such a balance when custody and parenting time schedules are rigid.

When can a parent stop paying child support?

A parent's obligation to provide financial support to their child will be enforced by courts in Florida. Generally, parents who are required to pay child support will be subject to written agreements or orders that dictate when, how much, and how long their obligations will stand. For this reason, parents should first consult with their governing child support documents to determine if end dates are stipulated.

Is a simplified dissolution for you?

Divorce is one of the most upsetting events that can happen in a person's life. It is a long and expensive process that can be made even worse when there are assets, children, or other areas of contention. Floridians considering a divorce may find it interesting to know that a relatively simple divorce process may be available.

Child custody and relocation laws in Florida - Part II

The responses in an object petition to relocation must be substantiated and based on facts. It should contain verified evidences supporting the grounds for seeking an injunction of the proposed move. It should also include a declaration stating the degree of involvement the non-custodial parent presently has in parenting or in the life of the child.

Child custody and relocation laws in Florida - Part I

It is common for people to relocate from one city or state to another. However, relocation may not be easy when children are involved. In some circumstances, the court may refuse to allow a custodial parent to move to a different city, state, or even another country with a child. So, if you are considering relocating for any reason, it's essential to understand how the move can potentially affect your custody arrangement and visitation schedule.

Child support modification when bankruptcy is imminent

After a divorce, it is the responsibility of both parents to provide financial support to their child. Courts are very serious about this responsibility and will not often discharge parents from this duty. However, sometimes parents have difficulty upholding those responsibilities. An example is when parents are unable to pay child support payments. And, this is often the case for people who are filing for bankruptcy.