Is a simplified dissolution for you?

Divorce is one of the most upsetting events that can happen in a person’s life. It is a long and expensive process that can be made even worse when there are assets, children, or other areas of contention. Floridians considering a divorce may find it interesting to know that a relatively simple divorce process may be available.

Florida is one of the few states that allow couples to circumvent the normal divorce process in specified circumstances. The simple and less complicated procedure is called a simplified dissolution of marriage. The procedure is mostly faster than a regular dissolution of marriage and the decree may be issued by the court in only a few weeks.

When getting a divorce through the simplified dissolution procedure, the couple must file a joint petition with the court. It cannot be filed by one spouse without the other signing the petition. At least one of the parties must be a resident of Florida for at least six months prior to the date of the petition. Most importantly, the couple must not have any minor or dependent children or adopted minor children and the wife cannot be expecting a child at the time the petition is filed.

Even the simplest of divorce proceedings has the potential to overwhelm couples, both emotionally and financially. It is for this reason that you may find the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney to be helpful when faced with the various problems that may arise at the time of separation.