What to do when parenting time interference occurs

It can be hard for families to work around the individual schedules of their members, and this is especially true when families are divided by separation and divorce. Across Florida, parents are doing their best to make their lives work all while sharing their kids and attempting to provide them with love, stability and security. It can be difficult to find such a balance when custody and parenting time schedules are rigid.

However, when parents agree to the terms of their child custody plans they must do their best to honor their shared commitment to raising their kids with their former partners. Parents who take deliberate action to sabotage or make difficult the time their exes have with their kids may be guilty of parenting time interference.

Parenting time interference can be overt or more subversive. For example, a parent may deliberately choose to not drop their child off at a scheduled hand-off time to their ex in order to affect that parent’s relationship with their shared child. Also, a parent who interrupts the communications that a child has with their other parent in an effort to disrupt their relationship may be guilty of parenting time interference.

If a parent suspects that their co-parent is engaging in parenting time interference tactics, they may wish to seek the counsel of their divorce or family law attorney. Parenting time interference hurts families and particularly the children who must move between the homes and lives of their separated or divorced parents. This post offers information to its readers but should not in any way be used as legal guidance.