When can a parent stop paying child support?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | child support

A parent’s obligation to provide financial support to their child will be enforced by courts in Florida. Generally, parents who are required to pay child support will be subject to written agreements or orders that dictate when, how much, and how long their obligations will stand. For this reason, parents should first consult with their governing child support documents to determine if end dates are stipulated.

Generally, however, child support obligations do not last indefinitely. Certain events and actions may terminate these obligations, although many parents may choose to financially support their kids even when they are not legally required to. For example, in Florida, parents must support their children financially until the children are 18, but some parents may elect to pay for their kids to go to college.

Actions undertaken by children who receive child support may cause their obligations to end. A child who gets married before they become an adult may have their child support payments cut off, as may a child who secures emancipation from their parents. In some cases, a minor’s enlistment in the military may cut off their parents’ requirement to financially support them.

Matters of child support are incredibly important for both the children who depend on them and the parents who are obligated to pay. Any questions that readers have after reading this post should be directed to family law attorneys in their communities. This post should only be read as information and should not be relied upon as legal advice.