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August 2019 Archives

Diverse injuries may follow a Florida car accident

Automakers often release new vehicles that claim to be the safest cars, trucks, or SUVs available to consumers. While it is true that safety features in vehicles have made them better equipped to protect drivers and passengers when collisions happen, accidents still occur and Florida residents still get hurt when they do. A multitude of factors can influence how serious a car accident is, and, as a result, a range of injuries can occur when individuals are involved in accidents.

Police chase ends with death of Florida motorcyclist

It is an unfortunate fact that not everyone who drives on Florida's network of roads and freeways does so in a responsible and law-abiding manner. In fact, some drivers who operate on the roads of the state do so recklessly and without any regard for the safety of others. Not long ago Florida law enforcement officials were involved in a vehicle pursuit that tragically ended with the death of a Port St. Lucie man.

Legal representation for victims of personal injury accidents

A personal injury can be a minor annoyance or a major setback for a Florida resident. When car accidents, slips and falls, and other injury-causing accidents happen, victims can suffer a range of losses that can negatively impact their physical, emotional, and financial well-being. While it may be an accident victim's goal to get back on their feet as quickly as possible, they may not know how best to support their needs as they recover.

What is imputed income for child support determination purposes?

Child support is an important responsibility that a parent may have to take on when they end their relationship with their child's other parent. In Florida, the income of both parents is considered when child support payments are assigned. To work through the child support calculations, parents must provide the courts with extensive information about their wages and other sources of income.

Different parental responsibilities impact child custody cases

Child custody cases can find their way to court as standalone legal issues or pursuant to the separation or divorce of parents. When they do, judges in Florida must assess a host of factors to decide how to serve the best interests of the kids whose lives will be affected by their decisions. Those decisions can grant different parental responsibilities to the children's parents based on the needs of the children involved.

Finding hidden assets during a divorce

The financial aspects of a Florida divorce can be complex, convoluted, and challenging. Individuals who choose to pursue a divorce may wish to seek legal support so they are not disadvantaged when it comes to negotiating the settlement of their property, finances, and other assets. Professionals who work with high asset divorce clients can also help them find out if their clients' spouses have attempted to hide assets during their marital dissolutions.

Preparing kids and schedules for the new school year

While many Florida families may still be planning end-of-summer vacations, it is impossible to deny that the school year is rapidly approaching. Children throughout the state will soon be going back to their classrooms and engaging with new friends, new teachers, and new academic experiences. For children of divorce, a new school year may pose new problems when it comes to following child custody schedules.