Diverse injuries may follow a Florida car accident

Automakers often release new vehicles that claim to be the safest cars, trucks, or SUVs available to consumers. While it is true that safety features in vehicles have made them better equipped to protect drivers and passengers when collisions happen, accidents still occur and Florida residents still get hurt when they do. A multitude of factors can influence how serious a car accident is, and, as a result, a range of injuries can occur when individuals are involved in accidents.

Many victims of car crashes suffer bruises and other superficial contusions to their bodies. Cuts, scratches, and other minor abrasions can occur when victims’ bodies hit the interior of their cars or exterior surfaces. When impacts are severe, victims may suffer broken bones as well.

More serious injuries are possible when individuals are involved in car accidents. A victim may suffer a brain injury if their head is involved in an impact, or they may suffer neck or back injuries if their back is contorted in the accident. Organ damage, spinal injuries, paralysis, and even death can occur when victims are seriously harmed.

Because car accident injuries can be very different, it is important that victims get to their doctors to have their conditions assessed. This post should not be used to assess victims’ conditions and it does not offer any medical or legal advice. In some situations, accident victims may be able to sue the parties that caused their harm for the recovery of their losses. Legal professionals can help those who have questions about this process.