Police chase ends with death of Florida motorcyclist

It is an unfortunate fact that not everyone who drives on Florida’s network of roads and freeways does so in a responsible and law-abiding manner. In fact, some drivers who operate on the roads of the state do so recklessly and without any regard for the safety of others. Not long ago Florida law enforcement officials were involved in a vehicle pursuit that tragically ended with the death of a Port St. Lucie man.

Law enforcement officers were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle when one of the involved police cars hit a motorcyclist who had pulled off of the road to assist with an unrelated motor vehicle crash. The victim was a 47-year-old man who had nothing to do with the original police action or the crash he was attempting to help. While officers did catch the individuals who stole the pursued vehicle and placed them under arrest, the family of the victim will now have to live with the painful consequences of his loss.

In cases such as this, it can be difficult to assign liability and causation. In order for a party to be held accountable for another person’s loss, they must have been the cause of the inflicted harm. Building a personal injury claim off of a motor vehicle case can therefore benefit from the knowledge and support of an attorney.

Legal support for motor vehicle accident claims can involve many services, including initial consultations, case reviews, settlement considerations, and litigation. In order to begin protecting one’s rights and finding a better understanding of their options, a victim of a motor vehicle accident can reach out to a personal injury attorney that they trust.