Preparing kids and schedules for the new school year

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | child custody

While many Florida families may still be planning end-of-summer vacations, it is impossible to deny that the school year is rapidly approaching. Children throughout the state will soon be going back to their classrooms and engaging with new friends, new teachers, and new academic experiences. For children of divorce, a new school year may pose new problems when it comes to following child custody schedules.

There are many reasons that the school year may put burdens on parents who are required to follow established custodial plans. When children change schools, the hours that they attend may change and may not be workable with the parents’ work schedules. Additionally, as new school years begin, children may change or add to their load of extracurricular activities and have later practices, longer games, and greater expectations from their coaches and peers.

All of these modifications to kids’ schedules can wreak havoc on their lives and the lives of their parents. In order to serve the best interests of kids and to protect their parents’ rights to spend time with them, it is wise for families that are separated or divorced to proactively address the child custody changes they may need to address during the academic year.

The attorneys and staff of the Messer & Messer Law Offices truly hope that the readers of this blog have happy and smooth transitions into the fall. They are available, however, for any clients who would like to work out possible school year conflicts that could present problems to their child custody schedules.