Why are booster seats important?

You may be of an age that you can remember when children rode in the car without any type of safety seat. A lot of the time, nobody even wore seatbelts. However, you also probably remember how devastating an accident was when it occurred on a Florida roadway because those children were not protected. If so, you likely understand the need for car seats. However, laws are getting more strict and now require older children to use a booster seat. This might confuse you a little since these seats do not seem to offer the same protection as a child safety seat.

A boost seat just sits right on the car seat and uses the car’s regular seatbelts. It does not really look like anything special. However, it does serve a very important purpose. According to Parenting, a booster seat helps to give your child a boost, making him or her the right height for the seatbelts. This seat enables the seatbelt to fall at the correct positions on your child’s body to provide the same protection it does to you.

Seatbelts are designed to protect an adult body. They must fall across the body at certain points to be most effective. If they do not fall at the right points, they cannot protect properly and could actually cause harm.

With a booster seat, your child gets the full protection and safety of a seatbelt. Until your child is big enough for the seatbelt to fit properly, he or she should be in a boost seat. This information is for education and is not legal advice.