Can you be compensated for a cat bite?

Are you a Florida resident who has been bitten by a cat? While society on a whole tends to take cat bites less seriously than dog bites, they can actually be the source of severe injury and financial loss. Today, we at Messer & Messer Law Office will carefully examine the true dangers of cat bites.

First, cat bites are actually more likely than dog bites to get infected. This is due to the average location of bites and the design of a cat’s mouth. Many cats will bite a person on the hand, which is more prone to infection. Meanwhile, a cat’s teeth are designed to puncture deeply, which can inject the bacteria in their mouth far below the skin’s surface. Accordingly, one in every three people who are bitten on the hand by a cat end up being hospitalized.

Second, the infections that come from a cat bite can be severe. If bitten by a cat, it’s advised by medical professionals that you seek immediate medical attention. Signs of infection can begin to show in under an hour. Severe infection can take hold in less than half a day due to the quick growth of bacteria. If you have a particularly bad bite and subsequent infection, you may end up requiring antibiotics and an extended stay in the hospital, which can be costly.

If you have suffered from such damages after being bitten by a cat, consider taking a look at our web page on personal injury. You can also learn more about your compensation options.